YJ Apparel – empowering women and ethically made

YJ Apparel is a premier producer of ladies’ clothing and handmade products, proudly crafted by a Women’s Cooperatives in northern Thailand.


Our team of skilled women artisans has over 15 years of experience working for an international clothing brand.


In 2018, we embarked on our own journey, establishing YJ Apparel to empower our artisans by providing fair wages and supporting their families. 





Our product line features a diverse selection of high-quality, unique, and timeless casual apparel and accessories, designed for everyday wear. Committed to sustainable production, we utilize eco-friendly and natural materials, along with upcycled materials from pre- and post-consumption waste. Each of our products is meticulously crafted to ensure longevity and enduring quality.

YJ Apparel offers comprehensive services including material sourcing, design, pattern making, sampling, and more. Our production capabilities encompass a wide range of products such as ladies’ casual wear, hand-knit items, handloom textiles, crochet pieces, hand embroidery, garment dyeing, textile accessories, and crafts.


We cater to various production needs, offering CMT, OEM/FOB, and ODM services. Whether it is large-scale garment production for brands or small-scale sampling, we ensure a detailed production process and 100% quality control, all at competitive prices.




With a decade of experience in high-end clothing production, we guarantee that our products are shipped on time and meet the highest quality standards.